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Shany Professional Makeup Kit, 78 Color

!±8± Shany Professional Makeup Kit, 78 Color

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The SHANY Professional Makeup-Kit Palette (Set of 78 Colors) offers an all-in-one compact to suit a range of makeup needs. Featuring an assortment of shades, from soft pastels to bold hues, the makeup kit allows you to mix and match colors for day or night. The palette also contains neutral light and dark tones you can use as eyeliner, and peaches and pinks that are appropriate for highlighting your cheeks and body. Made from a natural mineral oil base, the versatile colors of the palette will last for hours.

Makeup-Kit Palette
(Set of 78 Colors)
At a Glance:

  • All-in-one makeup kit includes 60 eye shadows, 12 eyeliners, and 6 cheek colors

  • Mineral oil-based powder resists smudging and fading

  • Slim design with mirror and eye shadow applicators for portability

  • Wash off easily with your normal face-cleansing routine

  • Selected and packaged by hand; inspected twice for quality
SHANY Professional Makeup-Kit Palette (Set of 78 Colors) Product Shot
Assortment of eye shadows, eyeliners, and cheek colors let you become your own makeup artist. View larger.
SHANY Professional Makeup-Kit Palette (Set of 78 Colors) Lifestyle Shot
Natural mineral oil base creates a vivid shade that is resistant to fading.
View larger.
SHANY Professional Makeup-Kit Palette (Set of 78 Colors) Product Shot
All-in-One Kit for Easy Makeup Application
The Professional Makeup-Kit Palette has shades for all occasions in one convenient kit. Featuring dozens of pretty neutrals and bold, vibrant shades, the palette also includes white, tan, and black hues to use as shadow or eyeliner. Plus, six pink-to-peach shades are ideal for cheek color or for highlighting parts of your body, like the collarbone and shoulders.

The palette includes 60 1/2-inch round eye shadow pans, 12 rectangular eyeliner shades, and 6 1-inch round pans of hues for your cheeks.

Long-Lasting Mineral Oil Base Resists Smudging
Each eye shadow in this palette is made from a natural mineral oil base that creates a vivid, highly pigmented shade, smooth application with every stroke, and resistance to fading or smudging.

The eye shadows and cheek shades can be easily washed off at the end of the day using your normal makeup removal routine.

Slim, Portable Design for Easy Storage
Measuring 10 inches long by 8 inches wide, the slender compact is lightweight and small enough to carry with you everywhere. If you want to go straight from the office to dinner, you can easily store this compact in your purse or gym bag. The case offers a large mirror and two eye shadow sponge applicators for added convenience.

The kit does not include any brushes. Try pairing it with the SHANY Studio-Quality Natural Cosmetic Brush Set with Leather Pouch (sold separately) for easy, smooth application.

Inspected Twice for Quality Control
Each shade of the kit has been made and assembled in the palette by hand for precision and quality. All makeup is inspected twice before shipping to ensure a high-quality, defect-free product.

About SHANY: Sleek. Sexy. Breathtaking.
With a commitment to high quality, SHANY creates a variety of makeup kits, cases, and accessories. Offering easy accessibility to professional-quality makeup and accessories for at-home users, SHANY assembles and hand-selects every item in their assortment of makeup collections. All shadows are formulated with a natural mineral oil base and packaged in recyclable plastic. SHANY is a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and does not test any makeup on animals.

What's in the Box
One SHANY Professional Makeup-Kit Palette (Set of 78 Colors).

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